Vince Jones Live

Released: 1999
  1. Jettison
  2. Secret Love
  3. Love Love Love
  4. Evolution
  5. Luncheon With the Premier
  6. My Baby Comes to Me
  7. If I Had A Hammer
  8. All the Kings Horses
  9. Three Sisters
  10. Hallelujah
  11. Trustworthy Little Sweethearts
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We had been touring quite extensively and I felt it was time to make a live recording. I listened to the band playing live on my portable recorder and realised the quality of the musicianship was excellent. I was inspired by the superb guitar playing of James Muller coupled with the creative rhythm section of Simon Barker, Adam Armstrong and Sam Keevers. How fortunate I was to be singing with a swinging band at the Basement on a hot Sydney night and a room full of people. It had to be recorded.



The Players

Adam Armstrong – double bass
Vince Jones – trumpet & vocals
Sam Keevers – piano
Simon Barker – drums
James Muller – guitar

Recorded by Ross Ahern & Lana Lazareff
live at The Basement, Sydney on 1&2/12/98.
Produced by Vince Jones & his band.
Mastered at Sony Music Studios, Sydney.
Mash Ferris – in house engineer on both nights.