The Monash Sessions

Released: 2014
  1. Budgie
  2. This Is The Woman
  3. Rainbow Cake
  4. Blame It On My Youth
  5. Jettison
  6. Between Your Eyes
  7. Blue
  8. Union Man
  9. Just In Time
  10. Wonderworld
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Jazzhead is thrilled to announce the new release by Vince Jones, The Monash Sessions.Vince Jones’ Artist in Residence joins the esteemed list of artists who have recorded with the Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music at Monash University. Jones is an Australian musical icon and features one of the most recognisable voices and distinctive phrasing he has influenced legions of singers across the nation.

The recording plays host to live and studio recordings of the elite music students collaborating with Vince and includes guest performances from Sam Keevers and Rob Burke. The majority of compositions are penned by Vince, spanning 30 years of recordings and includes two tunes from The Great American Songbook; always a staple in Vince’s repertoire. Vince’s compositions include fan favourites such as Jettison, This is The Woman, Union Man and Wonder World. Jones’ lyrics are at times commentaries on social issues with a meaning and relevance to the Vince Jones narrative; a story that is now influencing a new generation of young musicians.

Vince Jones The Monash Sessions; a real joy to hear.
Album released 08 August 2014


This is the Woman – arranged by James Mustafa
Union Man – arranged by Jordan Murray


Budgie, Jettison
Bass – Joshua Manusama
Drums – Keiran Rafferty
Piano – Joel Trigg
Guitar – Tom Biffin
Tenor Sax – Paul Cornelius
Alto Sax – Liam Werrett

Blame It On My Youth, This Is The Woman, Union Man

Bass – Jordan Tarento
Drums – Rohan Moore
Piano – Daniel Mougerman
Guitar – Jonathan Skourletos
Alto Sax – Joe McEvily
Trumpet – Niran Dasika

Monash University Vocal Ensemble

– Directed by Jacqueline Gawler
Paloma Ellis-Vega, Christina Serafy, Stephanie Macetta, Ella Patinson, Lauren Irwin-Ray, Jack Foy, Amber Ferraro, Tanya George, Alex Vella-Horne, Luke Stevenson, Imy Dale, Rebecca Barbie, Mikaela Brownley, Lizzie Anne, Dominique Garrard, Yu Lin, Katani La Rocca, Grace Cordell, Sarah Turner, Stephanie Abbott, Siobhan Louise Barry, Merrily Hansen, Sebastian Smart, Clary Riven, Andrew Masutti, Rachel Fegan, Ethan Brivik, Sarah Aarons, Tiffany Leung, Ido Zamir, Claire Howells, Elizabeth Miller, Lillian Albazi, Heidi Lupprian, Marceau Camille, Lily Zhang, Jonathan Wright.

Wonderworld, Betweeen Your Eyes, Rainbow Cake

Bass – Oscar Neyland
Drums – Chris Cameron
Piano – Sam Keevers
Guitar – Tom Mansfield
Trumpet – Brae Grimes
Alto Sax – Josh Kelly
Tenor Sax – Steven Byth


Piano – Sam Keevers
Tenor Sax – Robert Burke

Just in Time

Duet with Sam Keevers – piano