Moving Through Taboos

Released: 2004
  1. This Is The Woman
  2. Let Them Do It
  3. Auto Freaks
  4. Union Man
  5. My Love, My Life
  6. To Find You
  7. Coloured Strands
  8. (I Watch Myself Being) Clever
  9. Unconnected Wires (Sea of Atrophy)
  10. The Parting Glass
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The latest cd from the VJ catalogue. This is the current sound of the VJ band,featuring Matt McMahon on Piano,Simon Barker on drums Brett Hirst on Double bass. There were lots of songs floating in the air at that time and they were crying out to be birthed. I try to write songs of the moment but for the future. The standout songs on this CD are “We let Them Do It” and “The Parting Glass” The melodic arrangements by Matt McMahon give this CD a modern sound yet still the earthiness of folk. – Vince Jones


Vince Jones
Matt McMahon – Piano
Simon Barker – Drums
Brett Hirst – Double Bass