For All Colours

Released: 1984
  1. For All Colours
  2. Old for the New
  3. Never Let Me Go
  4. Partytime
  5. Blue
  6. All or Nothing at All
  7. C'Est la Vie
  8. Straighten Up and Fly Right
  9. Drinking Again
  10. Call of the West
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This is the third album of songs from Vince Jones. On this album he paints with all his colours, from the most haunting melancholy blues to the most passionate scarlet. Half of the tracks were written by Vince Jones, further establishing him as a song writing talent. This cd is the most popular of all his recordings.



  • Vince Jones – trumpet, vocals
  • Doug de Vries – guitar
  • Peter Jones – piano
  • Paul Williams – tenor saxophone
  • Wilber Wilde – tenor saxophone
  • Peter Whitford – drums
  • Gary Costello – bass

Produced by Vince Jones
Engineered by Ross Cockle